Bottlepops, Have some fun while you're cracking a cold one...

Whether you have Footy Finals Fever or just thirsty - Bottlepops are supplying some fun when you're ready for your next beer. Why should each one you open be any less interesting than the last? (Not that they ever are!)

These are a great, and affordable product that is perfect for any gift occasion!
Grab one for your Collingwood obsessed father on Fathers Day, stuff one into your brothers stocking for Christmas, or get one for yourself so that anytime you host a party everyone has to hear slogans from your favourite AFL team when they open their next drink!!!


So what exactly are Bottlepops Bottle Openers?

Well if you haven't already gathered by the above, these are long-neck beer bottle openers. The neat thing about these is they have an easy pop-and-release type opening technique so no elbow grease is required and they also play some neat slogans, commentaries and anthem audios.

Our most popular of the range is the AFL branded, for the reason that they are the perfect gift for a lot of footy fans. They also look nice sitting on, or next to the bar too! Not to mention you get to flaunt your team to anyone else that wants to have a drink at your place!

These are also Official Licensed product of the AFL!

Below is a little video of some of what you can expect as well as some beers being opened - Yeah I'm thirsty too!


What's our thought on the product?

We moved a lot of the product through friends and family in our early days because it was such an easy and perfect gift to promote to people. Then after this, many again were snapped up around Christmas time as they are great stocking fillers, or gift ideas for someone who loves their footy!

It's simple to use, feels comfortable (the footy is soft & squishy!) and includes the novelty of showing your support for your AFL team.

It's also not a product that can ever really become redundant or useless because unless your AFL team is disbanded OR unless you don't want to open beer anymore -which lets be not happening, then you've always got something nearby that'll annoy your best mate, sibling, or significant other by reminding them that you love your footy team!


What else do Bottlepops offer?

In addition to the AFL themed openers there is a range of American Sports, Rugby, and even Marvel character bottle openers!

Although we must admit, after the AFL type our next favourite is Wazza the Bogan - talking bottle opener. This one is again for the Aussie, and has 24 different slang comments when you bust open your next beer!

Wazza Talking Bottle Opener

Get a brief look at him here, rockin' the signature mullet, flannie and band shirt!


Thanks again as always for having a read. We hope you have enjoyed.

Play Hard, Stay Casual.