Marvel - Crisis Protocol: The miniatures game you've been waiting for!

Marvel Crisis Protocol Banner

The Marvel Universe is getting a miniatures game and we couldn't be more excited!

Atomic Mass Games are setting up to release this exciting new tabletop experience. The game is designed to be close-up and fast paced so you can get straight into the action!

With the release roughly within a month's time, we thought we'd take a little look into what this Marvel minis game has to offer!

Marvel Crisis Protocol City Battle

Here is Atomic Mass Games' official video for their upcoming tabletop game:*Video is sourced from Atomic Mass Games youtube channel found here.

As you can see, the miniatures look highly detailed. Each miniature is assembly and paint required so you can style these up to look like their movie doppelgangers or you can add your own flare per a favourite variation from the comics!

There has even been mention of a potential for a raiding format, where instead of player vs player, it is something like 2 x players vs a Boss (controlled by a third person or possibly controlled via rules and occurrences).

Here is another little video from Gen Con in the US to give you an idea of how everything can look when you setup to play your games! Shout-out to Crabbok & Atomic Mass Games for some up close and personal looks at these minis and the amazing terrain!

WHEN: This game looks to be dropping between Oct - Nov 2019!

WHAT TO EXPECT: Currently we have seen there is a Core Set including fan favs such as Spidey, Captain America & Iron Man. This set contains 10 specific Marvel Universe characters, terrain and all the other bits-and-pieces you'll need to play this!
*Again assembly and painting is required

Though it is still early days there is already around 18 different characters to collect and a NYC themed terrain pack for those authentic city punch ups!

We can't wait for this one - if you'd like to know more about the product or pricing, contact us on Facebook or email us at