Pokemon TCG - What to Expect Next & Pricing

If you've been keeping up to date with the card game or you've purchased the latest of the video game franchise, you're probably aware of what's to come!

Silver Tempest marked the end of the English Sword and Shield reign.
This set began in February 2020, contained a total of 12 main expansions & 5 sub-sets including crowd favourites such as Shining Fates & Celebrations: the 25th anniversary set of the Pokemon TCG.
Like anything there have been ups and downs, some good expansions and some not-so-great ones...but I think it's still very safe to say that many cards left great impressions on the fans!

2023 starts with a bang!

March 2023 brings us to the next era of the TCG - Scarlet & Violet! The process of one set ending and another beginning brings the chance to revitalize the cards in many ways and re-ignite the passions of the players & collectors everywhere. This set will focus on the Pokemon of the Paldea region including the two newest legendaries Koraidon and Miraidon.

Pokemon TCG Scarlet & Violet

So what does this mean for the likes of you, the TCG collector?

 Let's start with something we've seen before that's making another appearance - Pokemon-ex!

Koraidon & Miraidon ex

Booster packs will now have a guaranteed 3 Holofoil cards per pack instead of the previous 2!

In addition to this comes a new mechanic to the card game called Terastalization in which Pokemon will display a crystalized form! This is included in the latest video games so current players would likely already be familiar.

If this wasn't enough - Booster packs will now have a guaranteed 3 Holofoil cards per pack instead of the previous 2 meaning more hits, more often!
New sub-categories for Trainer cards - Support, Item & Stadium for clearer distinctions, not to mention some changes to the overall format & layout of the cards including (but not limited to) the numbering system for the set-list(s) and panelling/framing of artwork.

If you didn't already notice from the above image, there is a fundamental difference to the look of the cards versus ALL other English sets before and that is the silver framing around the outer border of the cards. The English sets have always had a yellow outer region but are looking to now follow in line with the Japanese releases which already feature this allowing a consistent global look and feel.

Safest to say, fans should expect a very different look and feel to the Scarlet & Violet era of the TCG.


The Pokemon Company announced late 2022 that their prices were set to increase due to global inflation and material costs

Now... on to pricing in the Pokemon TCG World!

The recent global climate has not been the most stable. In Australia we've seen interest rates rise, fuel prices increase and businesses goods & services cost more than we've been used to for years.
Unfortunately many of these things link back to the increase of raw material costs globally, which cascades into increases in production and processing thereon.

The Pokemon Company was not an exception to this fact & announced late 2022 that their prices were set to increase due to global inflation and material costs which means that we can expect product costs to rise.
Retailers have already witnessed the increase in wholesale costs which in turn means MSRPs have risen across the board.
We hope that The Pokemon Company has included/added enough 'value' to Scarlet & Violet so at to not deter the fans & collectors.

Where can you order Scarlet & Violet?

Like any small business we aim to keep the costs down for our customers, we understand no one wants to pay more - so we're going to stay as competitive as we can in this ever-growing market.

We're offering a discount on our Scarlet & Violet products for our customers only.

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Booster Boxes will be $180.45 each

Elite Trainer Boxes will be $80.70 each

Scarlet & Violet Preorder March 31st