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Batman Miniature Game: Two Faces Gang by Casual Orc Collectables

Batman Miniature Game: Two Face's Gang

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The Batman Miniature Game is a table top skirmish game designed for two or more players. Select a faction, or "crew", of finely detailed miniatures, representing your favourite heroes and villains from the Dark Knight's mythos, and the henchmen and free agents who follow them. Whether you're a fan of Batman comic books, movies, TV series or video games, the Batman Miniature Game has you covered!
The Batman Miniature Game is your gateway to a whole new hobby. Now, you and your friends can recreate the Dark Knight's most famous battles, or carve out your own legends by commanding your Crew of heroes or villains to victory in Gotham City!
If you're new to the game, you'll find everything you need to start playing in the Batman Miniature Game Rulebook on our page or try the Quickstart rules at knightmodels.com